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A True HR Partner

At Kepple Healthcare Consulting, we view our clients as partners. We become an extension or your HR Team. Once benefit packages are customized to your company’s needs, we intertwine administrative and employee needs for a seamless flow of information, education and benefit use. 


Kepple Healthcare eases HR’s load with day-to-day administration of employee benefits.  With the help of a “one stop shop” enrollment platform there is no longer a need to go to multiple locations when you need to add or remove employees from the benefit carriers. You go to one location, add or change information, and we do the rest.


Kepple Healthcare offers a direct line of contact for your employees to inquire about their benefit offerings.  Your HR Administrator no longer has to wear the hat of “Benefits Educator”.  Our benefits experts take that over for you.


Let Kepple Healthcare Consulting fill the missing pieces of your HR and benefits puzzle.  


Want Kepple on Your Team?

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or through this website.

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